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  • "to say I enjoyed the College of Prayer this week would be an immense understatement. I loved it. It totally shook my world and revolutionized my prayer life." atlanta, ga campus attendee
  • “I wasn’t sure what to expect from attending the College of Prayer. I knew that it would entail learning strategies that we could implement in our churches. However, I was blown away. We spent hours in God’s presence. He was in control of the agenda. There was more time spent in prayer than anything else. I appreciated the leadership team’s sensitivity to God’s leading.” building a praying church conference attendee.
  • "The College of Prayer was what I had hoped – a time of personal revival. It deepened my prayer life and personal worship of God. [My wife] and I have always had individual devotions and occasionally prayed together as needs arose. But now we are praying together each night. Sometimes we need a little push to form new disciplines and the College of Prayer helped do that." pastor tim henning.