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Dan Kirk

When I came to the College of Prayer at Colfax, NC, I was hurting. I felt powerless against temptation. I had become very self-centered in my treatment of my wife and children. I knew things had to change or I couldn't keep going as a pastor. I needed a time to be with the Lord away from everything else. I sat there during the first session crying out to God in my heart, "Lord please do something in me this weekend. Say something. Send someone to tell me something. I just want to know that you're still listening, that you still care about me." At the end of the first session, the opportunity was presented for anyone who wanted to go through deliverance to come forward. I met with two fellow pastors who led me in confessing sin, binding Satan, and renouncing strongholds I had given to the enemy. I was so thankful that they treated me not like an outcast or second-class Christian, but as a friend and a brother. The joy of experiencing God's cleansing and healing in my heart was awesome - but God wasn't finished there! The next morning a pastor whom I had never spoken to before came up to me and said, "Brother, what God wants me to tell you is this: He hears you when you pray more than you know." I couldn't believe it! With tears starting, I shared with him how I had cried out in desperation the night before that God would send someone or do something so that I knew He still was listening and caring about me. Soon he was crying too and the Lord again gave me an opportunity to confess sin and pray with this brother. God is amazing! I came away from the COP a changed man.

Pastor Dan Kirk
April 2010

Issac Keita

As the Dean of a theological seminary in Africa, I saw firsthand the dynamic impact of the College of Prayer. Prior to us hosting the College of Prayer, students would regularly come into my office and tell me how they were losing focus and considering dropping out of the ministry. Since the College of Prayer, that has changed completely. Students are now focused, excited about God’s call on their lives, and eager to learn so they can later put into practice what they are receiving. The College of Prayer has dramatically changed FATEAC in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa.

Isaac Keita, Dean
FATEAC Theological Seminary in CĂ´te d'Ivoire, West Africa

Tim Henning

The COP was what I had hoped – a time of personal revival. It deepened my prayer life and personal worship of God. Sharon and I have always had individual devotions and occasionally prayed together as needs arose. But now we are praying together each night before we go to bed. Some times we need a little push to form new disciplines and the COP helped do that.

Rev. Tim Henning
The Church at Trussville - Trussville, AL


To say I enjoyed the College of Prayer this week would be an immense understatement. I loved it. It totally shook my world and revolutionized my prayer life. The lessons were so well presented with the power and humor of the Holy Spirit; what a powerful combination! I not only learned about prayer, but I saw a teaching/training model I will integrate into my style.

Rich Berlingeri

Terry Truffin

Our experience was more of an encounter. You’ll have to trust me on that. I told Judi that the way God met us was truly an answer to our heart’s cry. A number of people and situations ministered to us as we have not had happen in many years. We went to Atlanta fairly discouraged, but received such refreshing! The whole building of upper rooms makes so much sense, touches us where life happens, and allows us to see God in a deeper way that was transforming for us.

I have repented of lifeless, beige-colored, dog-walking, bland-tasting, rocking chair prayer. This week brought me to a realization of my need to expect much, pray boldly, and don’t be fearful of what others may think/say about the way I express myself in worship. I came away determined to build an upper room environment at our church and teach others to do the same it their personal lives. Let God do an amazing thing His way!

Pastor Terry Truffin

Gary Benedict

Thanks for your generosity and spiritual leadership. The work in Mali has been greatly grown by your Holy Spirit empowered ministry. The College's of Prayer you have led in West Africa have had lasting impact on our missionaries and national church leaders. It is ministries such as your, as well as the support of the global Alliance family, that helps and encourages our workers as they answer God’s call. Your leadership enriches the Alliance and builds depth of character in our workers. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Alliance missionaries. You will be in my prayers as you minister to our people.

Rev. Gary Benedict | C&MA President - USA

Chris Braun

On behalf of the Africa region of International Ministries of the Christian and Missionary Alliance I write you to underline how significant a ministry the College of Prayer is in Africa at this time and to thank you for all that you are doing to make it happen. Marcia and I accompanied Fred and his team to prayer summits in Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo and in Boma in the Democratic Republic of Congo last January. We were impressed as we saw God minister through the prayer summit team in each context to breathe life and awe for God as well as forgiveness of sins among pastors and Christian leaders who had fallen into ruptured and bitter relationships. Prayer is essential for God to open the hearts of these peoples. Working in administration, I know that the ministry that you have undertaken from the African continent is an expensive ministry as travel to and around Africa is extremely costly. Yet, I also know that it is an incredibly effective ministry as we evidence God’s moving in life after life through this ministry in almost all of the African fields. Members of the Elder Board thank you so much for your authorizing and enabling this ministry to take place. Fred, thank you for your weeks traveling and ministering God’s grace and reviving touch in His church in Africa as well as for all the other ways you enable this ministry to continue through your colleagues.

Chris Braun | C&MA Regional Director – Africa

Bob Fetherlin

I have been following with great rejoicing the ministry that you and your College of Prayer team have had in Africa over recent months. I want to sincerely thank you, the Lilburn Alliance Church, and those who ministered with you for giving of yourselves sacrificially to help our Alliance church partners and missionaries in Africa. Your impact has been very significant for the glory of God, and I am most grateful. May the Lord continue to empower you for impactful, life-changing ministry both in the United States and in Africa as well as in any other parts of the world where He uses you. I celebrate all He is doing in and through your life!

Bob Fetherlin | C&MA Vice President of International Ministries

Ray Ebbett

It is a joy for me to write you on behalf of the Spain field and the local churches and pastors which comprise the Christian and Missionary Alliance family here in Spain. You have probably already heard some reports of how God met us in a powerful way during our College of Prayer last week. But this would never have happened if it were not for your support, specifically in affirming and backing the unique ministry which God has given the Lilburn Alliance Church through the gifting and vision of our lead pastor, Fred Hartley. Thank you for allowing Fred to take the time to come and minister to us. I realize that this means time away from his pastoral responsibilities there at LAC, but your support has enabled Fred (and through him the LAC congregation) to make a huge investment in the Lord´s work here in Spain. Thank you for your strategic partnership in the Gospel! For a number of years now Mary and I have been proud to be a member of LAC. But I was never prouder to be from LAC than last week when I was able to introduce Fred as “my” pastor! From day one the Lord´s manifest presence was very real as pastors, church leaders and others cried out to God in brokenness, humility and a deep desire to meet God in a fresh way. I am still receiving feedback but the response so far has been universally positive and many have spoken of how the Lord met them in a special way.

Raymond Ebbett | C&MA Field Director - Spain


Christa Jan Ryan, author of Silent Screams from the Hamptons, said her life was changed forever when she attended the February 2007 Module of College of Prayer.

Christa arrived at the College of Prayer rather beaten down from a very long and painful divorce due to domestic violence. She had written a book about her experiences and her life and relationship with God. She had pushed her book for almost four years to publishers and agents without one sign of interest. At the February Module 2007, the manuscript was bathed in prayer and 4 weeks later her book was picked up by a wonderful publisher.

The book has now won 3 awards and Christa is the keynote speaker at 3 big fundraisers and one national fundraiser. The book as only been out for 3 months. It gives her a wonderful opportunity to share her faith and healing in God and Christ our Savior. She loves praying over the non-believers and watching what happens in their lives. The Module that Christa attended was a powerful link on how to be an effective prayer warrior.



Dear Fred,

As 2008 begins to come to a close, we continue to praise God for the faithful guidance He has provided for our “mom & pop” size ministry since first calling us to this prayer-coaching ministry in 2003. Just wanted you to know how significant God used you and the College of Prayer in His continuing “preparation-steps” for this “prayer-coaching” ministry. We regard our three-year training within the COP as His way of affirming His calling. How grateful we are for your kindness and encouragement for us to trust Him to fulfill that which he started. Thank you for the honor of walking alongside you in His Kingdom service!

In His Grip,
Dennis Conner

Greta Liv

"The spring of 2005, something major happened in my life. I joined COP in Skien, where Fred and Sherry Hartley taught. I arrived in deep depression. I had absolutely no self esteem, had lost everything including my family. I had made wrong choices so that even my sons wouldn’t speak with me. I felt helpless. Then God touched me. He anointed me and I felt true joy for the first time in many years. Today, three years later, my life is totally changed. God has restored my family and given me back 10 times what I lost. He has restored my life completely and now I live with Jesus every day."

["Vaiun ’05 skjedde det en stor torandring I mit liv. Jeg ble med COP I Skien, huer Fred og Sherry Hartley underviste. Jeg kom I dyp depresjon og med assolute ingen selvtillit. Jeg hadde mistet alt, til og med min familie. Pa grunn ou dailige vaeg som jeg hadde latt, ville ikke engang bauna mine snakke med meg. Jeg var heit hjelpeslds. Sa matte Gud meg. Han salvet meg og jeg talte ekte glede tor tarste gang pa mange ar! I dag, 3 ai seneve, er livet mitt totalt for andret. Gud har gjen opp bygd min familie og got meg mangtoldig tilbake au det yig hadole mistet. Alitt llu er na tgit au glede ug Jesus er med meg huer dag."]

Greta Liv


I just want to take a moment of your time to express to you some things that have been happening in my life. I will try to be as brief as possible but I want you to see the whole picture.

For the last couple of months I have been feeling really bad. I have been struggling with my walk with the Lord and with some issues with the church. Some things have not been right in my walk with him and with our church in general. It came to a head last Monday. I hit the wall. I had enough and I wanted out. I felt like I did not deserve or want what this church had become. I felt isolated and alone and never in my Christian walk have I ever had the doubt and struggle about my faith and what God wanted from me. I thought I was doing all the right things and for the right reasons. I wanted more than what I was experiencing from Christ. I really thought I would be having a conversation with Todd & Ken about leaving Sutton. I felt as though everyone was swimming downstream and I was swimming upstream. The last couple of months I have been praying for revival to break out in our church and asking the Lord to truly break through. But last week I needed to take one of the members of my church to Morgantown to see the doctor. I thought I better take something to read so I picked up the book Praying on Fire. I really did not want to read it because I really did not think I needed another book to tell me why and how I am to pray. But I knew that you had asked us to read it so I took it.

I need to back up to tell you we as a church have been going through Experiencing God together and it has really opened my eyes to the fact that God wants a personal relationship with me that is real and personal. Well I really thought I had that until last Tuesday. I began to read this book sitting in the Doctor's office and as I was reading this book it happened. I finally realized that what I was missing was the empowering presence and active involvement of the Holy Spirit in my life. As I was reading this book I said that is what I want to experience the manifested presence of the Lord in my life. I wanted more of Him. As  I was reading this I had a hunger and desire for the Lord in my life.

Thursday last week it all came together. This book Praying on Fire opened the door to my heart on Tuesday and Thursday the flood gates on heaven opened and I experienced the presence of the living God. As I was praying that morning the Lord spoke to me and said that I have been praying for revival for the church but I have not prayed for revival in my own life. The problem was not the church the problem was me. I did not like what I saw. Pride, ego, self centeredness, anger, unloving, bitter, etc. What the Lord told me was that the church was becoming like me and because of the sin in my life I was dragging the church with me. He needed to deal with me and then He would deal with the church. But it started with me. The I started to open the Scriptures to Philippians 3:7-14. The Lord asked me a simple question with this Scripture. If I were to lose everything that I held important in my life my family, church, finances, health would He be all that I would need? Or would I need more. The answer at that time was no that I needed more but that day I begin to see the presence of the Lord in a new way. I tell you right now today Jesus Christ is more than enough for me and I want to truly live in the presence of Him and experience His life working and living in me. Yes I want Jesus! I want to live my life in the fullness of Him and with that I want people and my church to see the Lord manifested Himself in my life. Until last week I want to be known as a good pastor, good preacher, and a good guy. But today I want people to see Jesus Christ who is living in me and allow Him to work in me for His glory. At the end of the day if there is one thing said about me I want that to be that is a man who is an example of Christ.

You see I got caught up in the American standard by which I should attain. I have worked hard and endured this last year. Just as Jesus told the church at  Ephesus in the book of Revelation. I looked like the successful pastor working and enduring and laboring for Christ but I had forgotten my first love. Jesus Christ!

This past Sunday I shared with Antioch all that has been going on and how today I am a broken person and that is exactly where I want to be. I confessed my sin and told them that I do not want to play church anymore but I want us to have an encounter with the Lord that will empower us to be the true church of Christ in Sutton. There was a breakthrough Sunday. We wept and a few people confessed their apathy and sin in their lives. I told the church that I am tired of wearing a mask and pretending and playing church. I asked them to join me in allowing the Lord to do whatever He wants and needs to so that we all could experience and live in the presence of Him. They all gathered around me, laid their hands on me and prayed for me.

I think the start of something supernatural that only the Lord himself can do is beginning here in Antioch. It began with Him dealing with me first and I really do believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I do not know what tomorrow will bring but I do know this no matter what lies ahead tomorrow I have all I need in Jesus and that is more than enough for me to live for Him today! I love that song that says you can have all of this world but give me Jesus. Gordon I am so thankful that the Lord has finally broken through my life and that He brought everything to a head last week. I pray that as conference begins next week that the Lord would use His word and maybe even that book Prayer on Fire to manifest His presence on us and we would have an encounter with Him that would change not only us but our churches and communities which we live.

I am sorry this was so long but I really wanted you to get a true picture of what the Lord has done to take someone on the verge of complete desperation to a place of complete joy living & abiding in His presence.

Come Lord Jesus Come!
Bryon Bukovesky


I can't begin to tell you what an experience I had last week at the College of Prayer. Well, I guess you know, because you were there! I was truly set free and perhaps for the first time, feel liberated to do what Jesus has planted in my heart. I have taken several opportunities to pray with people and have so enjoyed the privilege of being able to share the love of the Father and extend His kingdom here on earth.  Probably, the most amazing thing happened in my own family last night.  On Friday, when someone was speaking, I believe it was Ron, I heard the Lord say to break the curse over my youngest son. He is always getting hurt and has had so many close calls, I couldn't even list them. On Monday, he got kicked in the jaw by a kid on the swings at school and really knocked him loopy for a while. So anyway, last night, my family sat down around Creighton and began to explain that we were going to pray for him. My two older sons, my wife and our foster daughter all joined around him and invited the Lord to come. Creighton immediately started crying and we just began to sense the presence of the Lord. We began to pray over him, anointing him and breaking this curse of accidents over my son. My oldest son asked Creighton to forgive him for excluding him and we all followed that theme for a while. Kim prayed...it was just a gift from the Lord. It didn't seem like the right time, like this was going to be kind of weird, but we did it anyway and God truly poured out His Spirit on us and brought a lot of healing!

So, thank you for your role in all of this. Thank you for your obedience and willingness to walk in the calling the Lord has given you. I am so excited about the future. I am open to whatever He wants. I'm praying about traveling to Africa with the COP and found out from my Mom this morning that Joe and Maria will not be coming home in September so they will be in Mali this fall. Please pray with me about where I should go and for His provision for that trip. In the flesh it looks impossible, but with God I know it isn't!

In Christ, 
Christopher Howard


On mother's day our family went out with Mom and Dad for lunch at the Asian Buffet. Just before we were ready to leave, a middle aged man and his elderly mother passed us on their way to their table. We were already making the move to leave and Jim got up and went back to the man (his mother had already gone to the buffet). It isn't unusual for Jim to stop and talk to people as he's always running into people he knows. We continued to shuffle on out and waited in the entry area. A few moments later he came out and we all left.

After we got in the car, Jim was visibily moved and told me that as the two passed by, Jim heard a voice say, "speak to those people". He even turned around to see who had said something but no one was there.  He shrugged it off and the same voice spoke again. This time he turned around and saw the couple had sat down behind us.

The Tweedell's

Jim said he started a conversation with the man by remarking about his mother's "cool Hollywood glasses" she was wearing. They were very dark so Jim asked if she had vision problems. The man said no she struggled with her equilibrium. Jim didn't know what else to say so he began to leave. All at once, he turned back and said "I'm a Christian and would you mind if a just like spoke a blessing over your mother? The man said no and it was really neat for him to do that. Jim spoke a blessing over her (she still hadn't come to the table or, Jim said, he would have just prayed over her there). They chatted another moment, the man thanked him for the blessing and Jim left.

Is that cool or what?  He's really taking what Ron and Wanda taught to heart. Jim even said last night that he thinks that the reason God has kept him from leaving the hospital all these years is that there is a whole building full of hurting people that he could be ministering to and that he is finally at the place (sprititually) where he can "take advantage" of it. Even before this Jim has apologized to a couple of co-workers with whom he'd had difficulties - relationships restored. One of whom later let Jim pray with him for his sick wife.

Laura & Jim Tweedell


First we want to thank you for praying with us for the Colleges of Prayer that were held in Pointe Noire and Brazzaville. God is really using these times to break down barriers and bring forgiveness, healing and restoration to many people. It truely is an awsome privilege to be a part of this ministry and to witness the work of the Spirit in the lives of people. We are able to build on the foundation that is laid with this ministry and help others to move forward in their understanding and application of Biblical truths. And we are not just bystanders. God often starts by doing a work in our own hearts. And for our growth and understanding in prayer we are also grateful.

Thanks again for your partnership with us. We so appreciate your prayer support for us here.

By His Grace,
Gary & Sharon Howell
C&MA Missionaries
Pointe Noire, Congo


I wasn't sure what to expect from attending the College of Prayer. I knew that it would entail learning strategies that we could implement in our churches. However, I was blown away. We spent hours in God's Holy Presence. God was in control of the agenda. There was more time spent in prayer that anything else. I appreciated the leadership team's sensitivity to God's leading. What I took with me after attending the COP was a better understanding of what God desires.

I believe that most pastors and churches, including myself, have settled with Mickey Mouse prayer, a superficial type of prayer, and have neglected or failed to realize God's divine intention which is illustrated in Matthew 21:13 ('My house will be called a house of prayer...'). This last module, The Prayer Saturated Church, was very insightful and practical. I praise the Lord for Fred Hartley. God is using him to call our churches, from & out of the C&MA, to return to God's original design & purpose...to be a true house of prayer.

Senior Pastor Ramon Cisneros
Brownsville, TX


I would describe my experience at the College of Prayer as a time of refreshing reacquaitance with the person of the Holy Spirit. My Christian life was suffering from some kind of form of mechanicalism, you know, the kind where we are pursuiting learning and even application of God's principles in our lives, yet all the while disregarding the very source of our power, the Holy Spirit. That was me going to COP in Atlanta. 

As I told one of the pastors there who prayed for me, "I can recall a time, early in my Christian life, when living "safe" was not a priority, when it was often that I would sense a fresh leading of God's Spirit, and absolutely nothing seemed impossible for me through Him. Yet, I could not explain when, why or how that went missing. COP led me to experience a reawakening, not of what was missing, but what lay dormant. 

I experienced praying with a new freedom to be me that I want to pass on to our congregation. I experienced an immediate answer to prayer, as we prayed for our children one of the nights, and the Lord moved my middle child to ask my wife questions about salvation, and that same night, thousands of miles away, she prayed with her mom to receive Christ. 

I have been moved to seek and lead our congregation to seek the "manifest" presence and power of the Holy Spirit. I have been moved to pray now with people I feel God has brought to me, and not wait till later. I was awaken one night this past week to pray for a brother in Mesquite, Texas and I called him the next day to find out he had had a very difficult time sleeping.  The Tuesday after we got back, I asked the Lord to lead us into a special time of prayer like no other time, in our men's Life Group. We spent the most awesome time ever in prayer, as the Lord began to lead one man after another to pray for different things. It was so awesome that I can't wait to see what God will do tonight. 

In short, the College of Prayer has helped reawaken a fresh faith, freedom and fire in my life and ministry.

Rev. David Gomez
Mercedes, TX


You know, there have been several experiences that have marked my life and this event, the College of Prayer was one of those. I was mentioning to Pastor Dave before we left that I had always felt like there was something missing in me. I mentioned to him how my prayer life is okay and at times pretty good. But felt like if I had no power. Not that I'm seeking an experience or like others would say the anointing but, needed something.

The College of Prayer was an unforgettable experience. I left there with a better understanding how the Holy Spirit works and how we can better engage in prayer. One of the things that God had been doing in me and it was just confirmation as I was there. Is that the ministry that God has given me needs to be saturated in prayer or else with all the gadgets, toys, lock-in, movies, parties, beach outings, and events the ministry don't stand a chance if I'm not praying and helping the students to pray. If you need an essay within a day - order it at this website!

The other thing that kept flashing in my mind and heart was perseverance. I need to persevere in my prayer life and continue to believe this big God to do big things in me, my marriage and ministry. When Fred Hartley was here for our District conference I had gone out and hand picked my Prayer Shield Partners. I started well but kind of lost contact I know they are praying but need to continue to work that out. There are a few things that I'm working on for example a Contagious Prayer Corner in our Youth room where students before and after Contagious Youth nights can spend time alone with God. I'm also doing a week long prayer time for Teachers and Students. In the latter part of March.

As you can see I'm pretty excited about joining God in what He's doing and seeing Him do incredible things.

Blessings and thank you for encouraging us to go!
Hector Villanueva
Mercedes, TX


When I graduated from COP a year ago, I wasn't sure if I would continue to come. I'm so glad God has caused not only me to keep coming, but to have more in my church come, including my husband Kevin (he came in Sept...he was sick this past weekend and couldn't make it). Kevin had those of us who attended give a report at our Sunday evening I just ordered the books today for the May module, just before receiving your email. I think I'm really "hooked" on COP now! This past weekend was a breakthrough module for me. I appreciate your leadership at COP so much!

Margaret Goins


I just wanted you to know how grateful we are for the COP ministry God blessed our lives with for three years. From the first module we attended (October, 2003-remember the first "e;serious"e; conversation we had outside the Toccoa Conference Center chow hall?) until our graduation module last May, God faithfully and abundantly poured into us His Truth and Spirit...that we might be adequately prepared to fulfill His new Kingdom assignment (different than his previous one for 24 years on the FCA staff) as "e;Prayer Coaches"e; with pastors and churches, assisting them in building a "e;house of prayer"e;!

Attached is a sign of His faithfulness to His calling-as we were faithful to begin and complete a significant part of His preparation of (i.e. through the three years of theCOP)-of us; our 2007 Called to Serve-Prayer Ministry Calendar. The Conner'sNever during our three years at the COP did we have the ministry opportunities that God is bringing to us now; truly an affirming word from Him that greatly blesses us.

Just wanted you to know...that another COP graduate is fulfilling God's calling in the prayer ministry movement throughout the land. Thank you for hearing and heeding God's voice to begin such a training school for pastors and church prayer leaders to become further-and more strategically-equipped for the Kingdom battle His Church is facing! The Kingdom ministry tentacles that the COP has now-and it's growing each month-is beyond measure already!

May the module this week with Cheryl Sacks-a personal friend and great blessing to our ministry-be the catalyst God uses to cause exponential growth to Lilburn Alliance Church and to the home churches of every participant. How thrilled we are to hear of the overflowing registration! Having been mentored by Cheryl in several different settings, we know what God is going to deposit into the people's lives through her investing of His prayer ministry discipling of her over the past 20 years. No doubt, they will return to their home church full of inspirational and applicational tools for their local prayer ministry!

Dennis & Betty Jo Conner
Prayer Coaches
CTS Prayer Ministry


The College of Prayer has been one of the best experiences and weekend retreats that I have ever experienced.

I heard of the College of Prayer about five years ago and I must admit that when I first heard of it, I had my own preconceived impression that it would be mostly an academic endeavor. This concept was because someone had told me of the very stringent requirements to have read 3 books before arriving and the expectation to travel in order to attend the 3 modules a year. At that time, I was very leery of committing three years to an endeavor which I was not too convinced would be of much benefit. How wrong I was. The very relaxed atmosphere I encountered with a very light agenda and teaching time was just what my thirsty soul needed. The teaching times were great, but I particularly enjoyed the extended times of prayer where we were encouraged to linger in the Lord's presence. Also, I very much enjoyed the ministry team leaders that took time to minister to us on a very personal and private level. Personally, I had been experiencing some very dry times spiritually and feeling extremely exhausted as a result. I now understand that it was due mainly because I was doing a great deal of ministry in my own strength and not spending quality and quantity time with the Lord.

It is very difficult to put into words all the great things that the Lord did for me during that weekend. But, here is an attempt:

Having now deep regret not having attended before, I feel that the College of Prayer is something that all pastors and churches need. I believe that the Lord has raised this particular ministry for such a time as this. I believe that revival is coming and it would be very sad for anyone to miss the Lord's visitation. I plan to attend as my modules as possible and to be part of a team that would launch a Spanish Language College of Prayer in the USA.

Thanks so much for your ministry.
Jose Bruno
Spanish Central District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance


My overall impression of the College of Prayer is really fantastic! Never have I experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit so abundantly and intensely as I did September 21 - 23, 2006. Being a paraplegic, I have no feeling from my level of injury downward. But the Holy Spirit has an indescribable way of letting me know He is present with and in me by a tingling sensation in my calves (as I'm writing this, there's an intense tingling). Whenever I invite or mention the Holy Spirit in prayer, He immediately lets me know of His presence. When I was present at the meetings, there was a constant, fervent tingling and I don't think it diminished when I went home to spend the night.

The College of Prayer is great and I hope to attend many more in the future!