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College Of Prayer International - Manual

Newly Revised 2009 Edition
by Fred A. Hartley, III

The vision of the College of Prayer is to train, mentor and equip Christian pastors and leaders who will reach a lost world through a revived church. Just as Jesus spent 3 years training His disciples to pray, so do we. When Jesus ascended into Heaven, He left behind a prayer meeting. Into that prayer meeting God poured out His Holy Spirit and it was through that revived church that He would go on to reach a lost world. The College of Prayer is designed to lead the church back to this simple New Testament paradigm. It is a highly transferable paradigm of evangelism and discipleship designed to revive the church and extend the kingdom of God by the Spirit of God. This manual will help guide you in our principles and strategies.

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Le Manuel de l'Ecole de Prière - L’Eglise Réveillée à la Conquête d’un Monde en Perdition (French Version)

by Fred A. Hartley, III

L'Ecole de Prière (EDP) est né en 1996 avec la vision d’encadrer les pasteurs et les leaders chrétiens en vue de jouer un rôle important dans la conquête de ce monde pour Dieu, ceci au travers d’une église réveillée. Comme Jésus passa trois années à former ses disciples dans la prière, tel est notre objectif. Apres qu’Il soit monté au ciel, Jésus va laisser derrière lui une réunion de prière. Pendant cette session de prière, Dieu va répandre son Saint-Esprit sur l’église pour qu’elle parte à la conquête des âmes perdues.

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Prirucnik Fakulteta za Molitvu (Serbian Version)

by Fred A. Hartley, III

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College Of Prayer International - How to Build a Prayer Shield

A prayer shield is a team of intercessors who consistently and intelligently pray for the well-being of a Christian leader's spirit, soul and body, to protect a leader from the plots of the evil one and to call down the advancing of Christ's Kingdom through this leader. This manual is a guide to establishing your personal prayer shield to enhance your personal ministry.

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Curriculum of the College of Prayer International

Newly Revised Editions - Available in English and French
by Fred A. Hartley, III

The College of Prayer curriculum is made up of 3 notebooks that contain our core curriculum for the first three years. You can purchase a downloadable PDF version for $1.99 each, or order the printed notebooks for $4.99 each ($12.99 if ordering all three notebooks at once). The topics include: Year 1 - Lord, Teach Us to Pray; Year 2 - Lord, As Families, Teach Us to Pray; Year 3 - Lord, As Churches Teach Us to Pray.


  English Versions
  Year 1 - Lord, Teach Us to Pray PDF ($1.99) | Notebook ($4.99)
  Year 2 - Lord, As Families, Teach Us to Pray PDF ($1.99) | Notebook ($4.99)
  Year 3 - Lord, As Churches, Teach Us to Pray PDF ($1.99) | Notebook ($4.99)
  College of Prayer Curriculum - All 3 Years (English) Add to Cart ($12.99)

  French Versions
  Year 1 - Seigneur, Enseigne-Nous à Prier PDF ($1.99) | Notebook ($4.99)
  Year 2 - Seigneur, En Tant Que Mari Et Femme (Et Famille), Enseigne-Nous à Prier PDF ($1.99) | Notebook ($4.99)
  Year 3 - Seigneur, Enseigne-Nous à Prier En Tant Qu'èglises Locales PDF ($1.99) | Notebook ($4.99)
  College of Prayer Notebooks - All 3 Years (French) Add to Cart ($12.99)

Newest Release: God on Fire ($15.00)

by Fred A. Hartley, III

God on Fire is why you were born. You are more alive in the middle of God's white-hot presence than anywhere else on earth. Once you encounter the manifest presence of Christ, you will never want to settle for anything less. In fact, the manifest presence of Christ is the single factor that distinguishes the Church from any other type of organization.

Normally the history of revival is studied from man's perspective; what we do to encounter God. God on Fire explores what God does to encounter us. This book will help you:

"God on Fire is powerful. Hopeful. Inspiring. What a valuable resource for the coming Christ awakening movement!" - David Bryant, President, Proclaim Hope!

"Fred Hartley's poignant book God on Fire ranks with A.W. Tozer's Pursuit of God. It is a serious must read for anyone who hungers for more of God's reality and power." - Harold Sala, Author and Founder, Guidelines International

"I learned so much! I was challenged to go deeper in my own prayer life that, I too, might experience the fire of God's manifest presence in my own life. Read this book! But beware; you may just catch on fire!" - Os Hillman, Founder, Marketplace Leaders

Order your copy of God on Fire today for only $15 (FREE shipping within the U.S.)
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Bulk discounts are also available:
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Prayer On Fire ($15.00)

by Fred A. Hartley, III

How's your prayer life? You routinely connect with God in prayer, but you long for something more. You deeply desire a fresh encounter with the blazing presence of God. But how do you get there? Prayer On Fire is what happens when your initiative to meet with God in prayer connects with his initiative to meet you with His passionate presence. Discover how God calls His people to expect, welcome, and invite His presence in their prayers through the Holy Spirit. You'll learn the biblical steps to take to experience the reality of the Holy Spirit's presence in your daily prayer life. And you'll experience the truth that prayer ablaze with the Holy Spirit isn't boring, routine, or safe. It's alive and life-giving. It brings heaven to earth. It's what you were made for.

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Everything by Prayer - REVISED EDITION ($15.00)

by Fred A. Hartley, III

Give your prayer life a transfusion by ordering the revised edition of Fred Hartley's popular book, Everything by Prayer. Alive with practical encouragement, this book will change your prayer life! You can even use this book in your small group study! It includes summary points and discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

"Reading about Armin Gesswein's commitment to prayer will challenge you as his life always challenged me." - Billy Graham

"In this marvelous book, Fred Hartley presents to us not only Armin's powerful teachings on prayer, but also clear evidence that he practiced what he preached." - Bill Bright, Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ

"Armin Gesswein is the father of the modern prayer movement." - David Bryant, President, Proclaim Hope

Order your copy today for only $15 (FREE shipping within the U.S.)
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Bulk discounts are also available:
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40 or more $8 ea. (+shipping)
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Lord, Teach Us to Pray ($10.00)

by Fred A. Hartley, III

"Lord, teach us to pray." Just five little words ... but don't be fooled. These could be the five most revolutionary words you ever say. Because once you ask the Lord to teach you to pray, your life will never be the same. Once you learn to pray not only like Jesus, but through Him, there is nothing that God wants you to have that you can't receive.

In 12 lessons, whether you do them as an individual or in a small group, Lord, Teach Us to Pray will steer you to a seat right at the feet of the Master Prayer-er. There, you will learn mountain-quaking, Heaven-moving, hell-binding, life-transforming prayer.

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Men and Marriage ($12.99)

by Fred A. Hartley, III

Men and Marriage is dedicated to restoring the highest level of dignity and fulfillment of life to men with families. Fred Hartley believes there is nothing more fulfilling in the life of a man who is married than learning how to do it well. And he provides men with the "tools of the heart and spirit" that can transform a marriage from the mundane to a genuinely wonderful relationship. For the man who truly wants to find meaning, dignity and fulfillment in his marriage, this is your book.

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3 Things Kids Need Most ($9.99)

by Fred A. Hartley, III

Has parenting become too complicated? Relax. A father of four, Fred Hartley believes parents often invest in too many "good" things for their children - like material items, lessons, and trips - while neglecting the best things. Effective parenting requires something moms and dads already possess: the ability to answer every child's heart cry for the 3 essential needs of acceptance, affection and affirmation. When you focus on these needs, you can raise kids who feel loved, love others, have a passion for life, and who make great contributions to our world. This book blends compelling advice with warm, real-life stories to help you meet your children's core needs.

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by Jenny Almquist

KidsGap was developed in the trenches of local church prayer. Prayer leader, Jenny Almquist put her passion for prayer and her passion for kids together and said why can't they learn to pray powerfully? Today, her church reaps the benefits of kids who are trained in kingdom praying. Not only do these kids pray powerfully in their own lives, but they have been taught to pray through their church's services.


70 Years of Miracles ($5.00)

by Richard Harvey

Richard Harvey relays how God moved through his life in dramatic ways, and it all happened within the last century! As you read this book, you will find yourself drawn to seek Jesus more personally and boldly. Harvey shows through his own life that God moves just a fully and vibrantly in the lives of His children today as He did in the days of Abraham and Paul. After reading this book, you will find yourself more candid in your prayer life and open to the movement of the Holy Spirit.

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