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Join us this summer for a unique, hands-on internship!

Are you teachable? Are you hungry to advance in Kingdom principles and dive deeper into a Spirit-filled life with God?

The College of Prayer has the vision to mentor Christian leaders who will reach a lost world through a revived church both inside and outside the walls. To fulfill this vision and to help promote and develop the next generation of leaders we are offering Internship opportunities for the upcoming summer.

An internship with the College of Prayer is a "win - win". You beneift by gaining valuable expeience working with a dynamic ministry as well as developing skills to use in your future careers and ministry. The COP benefits from developing long-term relationships with the next generation of intercessors and leaders. You will gain organizational experience in development, marketing, communications, finances. More importantly, you will be mentored by Dr. Fred Hartley and the rest of the volunteers and staff that make up the Revival Prayer Institute.

If this interests you, download the application, complete it, and then email it to

Download an Application | Complete an Online Application

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be doing?
1. Assist an assigned COP leader in daily responsibilities.

2. Initiate follow-up phone calls and contacts with prospective Strategic-Partnerships between churches and businesses and the COP International campuses.

3. Travel to an international COP campus and assist in facilitating a module.

4. Assist in the writing of policies and procedures for the College of Prayer.

5. Further develop and implement marketing strategies by utilizing the Internet and other printing publication options.
What training and development will I receive?
1. Complete the 10 lessons in our online training environment and write two reflection papers.

2. Direct mentoring from one of our leadership team members.

3. Receive and implement strategies on how to raise support.

4. Read five assigned books including: Humble Attempt and Religious Affections by Jonathan Edwards and With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray. You will also choose two other books from our annotated bibliography.

How long will this internship last?
10-12 weeks (longer under certain circumstances).
What type of renumeration will I receive?
Each intern will be responsible to raise funds to cover ministry expenses and stipend remuneration. There will be a modest stipend of up to $500 per month. It is the responsibility of the intern to receive these moneys through donations made out to Revival Prayer Institute and designated “administrative salaries.”