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Rebuilding the Upper Room in the Holy Land

A Special Report from Fred Hartley

The Holy Land normally brings two conflicting images to our mind. On the one hand, we envision the footsteps of Jesus, where the Bible was written from Abraham to the Apostle Paul and everything in between. On the other hand, we envision car bombs, political unrest, terrorism, and diplomatic nightmares. Allow me to introduce you to a third option.

It was my privilege to experience first hand a fresh move of God among the believers who met together for four days in Bethlehem with the College of Prayer. They had come from all over Israel and Palestine to meet together for worship-based prayer that led them to a new encounter with God that has made a lasting impact.

Fast Facts ...

What Leaders Said ...

A pastor's wife said with tears, "We've been praying for this breakthrough for the past Holy Land Special Reportfour years."


A 21-year-old Christian leader said, "These were the best four days of my life."


A key leader said, "This is God's time for the Holy Land. Things are changing. Even six months ago we would not have been ready for this. Now is God's time for the church for this land."


A pastor said, "I discovered the Father love of God. The first words of the Lord's Prayer, 'Our Father', never meant anything to me. Now I can't say them without tears. God has filled my heart with His love. Last night I had an opportunity to lead one of my people to an encounter with God's love that has changed his life as well."


Twenty years ago, Jesus began rebuilding our own prayer lives. He taught us to ask, "Lord, teach us to pray." By the grace of God, He has been faithful to not only rebuild our own prayer lives, He has given us the assignment of rebuilding upper rooms of prayer all over the world. The upper room of prayer that Jesus built in Jerusalem has been the standard. As Armin Gesswein taught us, the upper room was the crowning accomplishment of Jesus' discipleship. When He ascended into heaven, all He left behind on earth was a prayer meeting. Not just any prayer meeting. It was an upper room. Upper in proximity and upper in priority.


Now to be invited by the evangelical community throughout the Holy Land to help them rebuild their prayer lives, and more specifically to help them rebuild their upper room, is most overwhelming. God is up to something special. 


Thank you for your partnership with us in prayer. This is only the beginning. God has given us extraordinary favor with influential leaders in the Holy Land. We now have a strong campus of the College of Prayer led by pastors, intercessors, business leaders, and young adults in Israel. Please continue to pray for protection, Holy Spirit direction, and the revelation of Jesus Christ. We want to see the glory of God once again fill the land where Jesus walked!

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Rev. Fred Hartley, III
President, College of Prayer International