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As a country, Montenegro is only 6 years old. They have only 3 evangelical churches and 120 believers in the entire country! All 3 churches and over 70 believers participated in the first College of Prayer module in the capitol city held May 2011.

One of the pastors who attended said, "Two months ago God told me to rebuild my personal altar so I've been praying each day. He told me to rebuild my family altar so I've been asking my wife and children to join me. He told me to rebuild my church altar so every Thursday night we've been meeting for extended prayer. He told me to rebuild the city altar and I've been praying with the Baptist pastor in town. Now the College of Prayer has come to help us rebuild the national altar!"

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Contacts for the Montenegro Campus:

Rev. Peter Cannizarro | Regional Director for Europe and Middle East - petercannizzaro @ collegeofprayer.org