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From the Upper Room to the Nations, God Is Using the College of Prayer to Change the World!
The Report of the First Annual African Summit
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire - July 21-25, 2009

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More than 100 College of Prayer leaders from across Africa gathered in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, July 21-25, for four days of prayer, worship, instruction and equipping. FATEAC, the only fully accredited Theological seminary in all of West Africa, hosted the event. Twenty different nations were represented.

The vision of the College of Prayer is to mentor pastors and Christian leaders who will reach a lost world through a revived church both inside and outside the walls. We accomplish this vision by planting College of Prayer campuses. The objective of the African Summit was to equip and certify African leaders with everything they would need to plant new College of Prayer campuses across the African continent. We earnestly want to see revival come to Christ’s church. The revival we are working toward will be pride-breaking, sin-removing, Satan-evicting, stronghold-overthrowing, life-transforming, leader-mentoring, church- awakening, and nation-discipling.

At our initial meeting we announced to all the participants, “Our goal is to meet God. We come with great conviction that God has big plans. Our vision is to reach unreached people of the nations. The only way that happens is through a revived church, by building upper rooms of prayer and training leaders to build upper rooms. This is what Jesus did. He built an upper room prayer environment into which He poured His Holy Spirit and out from which He thrust forth empowered leaders. This is why we gather here - to build upper room disciples who will go out and build upper room environments. We want to empower and certify each of you leaders this week.”

Each morning was devoted to worship, prayer, preaching and ministry. Each afternoon was given to training, equipping, small group discussion and interaction.

In order to receive certification each delegate needed to submit a Project Proposal explaining how they intended to start a new College of Prayer campus. They also needed to demonstrate a thorough grasp of the material on the Examination of Excellence. We were honored to certify a good number of participants; some even graduated with Highest Excellence. We are committed to continue to mentor those who did not pass the examination so that every participant who so desires will gain a thorough grasp of the material, pass the Examination and earn Certification.

There were many extraordinary moments of the African Summit that need to be acknowledged:

What the Delegates Said:

Isaac Keita (Dean of FATEAC, Côte d'Ivoire):
“I believe this summit will turn Africa upside down. This morning when Fred told us that the Upper Room was Christ’s greatest miracle and then he told us to look around, pointing to how many Upper Rooms would be built out from the African Summit and referring to the words of Christ ‘Greater things than these will you do,’ I cried! I was profoundly humbled by the way God moved among us here at FATEAC. This is what this seminary is here for.”
Celestin Koffi (CMA President, Côte d'Ivoire):
“One thousand times, thank you! The country that needs College of Prayer the most is Cote d’Ivoire, politically, spiritually, etc. We are all here to intercede for the nations, but we are so grateful that it was held here! This year we expect to plant 15 new campuses of the College of Prayer across Côte d'Ivoire, and that will not be the end. We will plant many more campuses both inside and outside our country.”
Andre Tinkpon (Pastor, Benin):
“We are honored to bring the College of Prayer to Benin, both to our pastors and to government leaders. I received a phone call this morning from the President of Benin; pray for me as I present to him the College of Prayer.”
Jeremie Della (Pastor, Côte d'Ivoire):
“The size of my ministry depends on my prayer life. It is easy to get busy in ministry and forget to pray. No longer!”
Abiodon Johnson (Pastor, Benin):
“Most African men of God have not destroyed all the old altars. They have just built new altars which have been ineffective. Until we destroy the old, the new will never be effective. God does not share His glory! Gideon did not build a new altar just for his family, but for his whole nation. Tear down all personal altars and die to self. Become living sacrifices, dying each day.”
Moise Guindo (Pastor, Mali):
“This morning God gave me a lesson in humility. God wants me to be humble before Him. I cannot be blessed in my ministry or anything else before then.”
Dr. Christine Ondoa-Onama (M.D., Uganda):
“1 John 1:8-10. After confessing and praying with my brother, I feel refreshed, worthy to be used by God again.”
Marcel Kouadio (Pastor, Côte d'Ivoire):
“I am not sure the church in Côte d'Ivoire would have survived the civil war if it were not for the College of Prayer. I and each of the other leaders from Côte d'Ivoire were thoroughly blessed at the African Summit. You gave us everything we asked for and surpassed even our greatest expectations. We now have everything we need to run with the vision and we will run.”
J. Philip Zoryu (Pastor, Liberia):
“Most of our time at the summit was filled with prayers, confession of personal and national sins, teaching of God's Words by Pastor Fred and a wonderful time of worship and praise. [Now at home] every night, I discuss [what I learned] with my wife and children especially on where every husband and wife should win the battle against sexual immorality; where husbands and wives can cancel the plots of the evil one on behalf of their children and others. I thank God for the wonderful teaching.”
David Fisher (Pastor, Canada):
“I believe when the history of revival is written that we will look back and see the significant role the African Summit played in bringing revival to Africa. I mean that!”
LeeAnn Strecker (Team Member, US):
“As Pastor Fred shared communion with me, I felt the love, acceptance, and pride of God coming through him so strongly I wanted to cry. One thing that I have realized this week is the importance of walking closely to the Holy Spirit and in the gifting He has given me. I do not need to be like someone else in their gifting. God will use me in any gifting He chooses as He leads me. Without a deep walk with Him, without the fullness of the Spirit at work in me, it is nothing. No other priority matters. As I devote myself to prayer, He will fill me and empower me to His glory, not mine!”
Results of the African Summit: Special Thanks:
    1. We must begin by thanking our intercessors, particularly for Sherry Hartley and our “Give Us the Nations” Prayer Team. We estimate that more than 1,000 people interceded for the success of the African Summit. One church rallied their members to provide 24 hour a day prayer covering before, during, and after the Summit. Thank you all for your commitment to the work of Christ.
    2. Thank you, Laura and Jeter Livingston. Your work as event coordinators was superior. All the logistics, emails, leg-work, coordination, chauffeuring, networking, problem-solving did not go unnoticed. Without your excellent work, the Summit would never have happened.
    3. Isaac Keita, Dean of FATEAC, Please communicate to your entire staff and student body our most profound gratitude for the excellence you demonstrated in all your detailed preparation for the African Summit. Both inside and out, your Seminary Campus showed your love for Christ and His kingdom.
    4. To every member of the facilitating team from the US, Canada and Norway, you guys were great. Every one of you demonstrated grace and love and a do-whatever-it-takes attitude. Mike Roe, our videographer and technician, perhaps worked harder than all of us. Mike, we cannot thank you enough for lending your expertise to the task. May God expand the territory of Mike Roe Video beyond your wildest imagination.
    5. To our “Give Us the Nations” Financial Support Team who stepped up generously to fund the entire African Summit. We have never previously been involved in sponsoring such an extensive ministry. Thank you for seeing the vision and for your willingness to partner with us in a worthy cause, particularly in these days of financial recession, I want you to know that your investment will continue to reap significant and eternal dividends. I praise the Lord for each one of you.
    6. I want to thank the Elders and Congregation of Lilburn Alliance Church who blessed and empowered me to be able to fulfill this assignment. I want to assure you as well that the sacrifice you made to release me to carry out this world impact ministry will continue to bear fruit for generations to come.
    7. The Board of Directors of the Revival Prayer Institute are to be thanked for providing the governance and protection over the integrity of the College of Prayer International. Bless you.
Much has been invested in the African Summit and the dividends will continue to come. We are confident that we will see results - 100-, 60- and 30-fold - for many years to come. Only eternity will tell the whole story. As one of the delegates said on her return trip home, “I am not coming home the same as when I left. This was not a mountain top experience to eventually leave behind. This was a call to go deeper, a heart cry for more. More, Lord, more!” Yes, more Lord!

May Christ alone be praised!