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Upcoming Event Information:

SureFire Prayer Weekend: Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic - June 21-22, 2013
SureFire Prayer Training Weekend: Lilburn, GA - July 19-20, 2013
SureFire Prayer Weekend: Lilburn, GA - September 27-28, 2013

For more information on any of these events, email contact @

Who we are?

SureFire Prayer is a ministry of the College of Prayer International designed to empower children to pray and to train leaders and parents to activate young people to walk in the fullness of Christ. We believe children are the key to unlocking many nations to the manifest presence of God and that prayer can and should be FUN! Our approach is to show kids that having a holy, sanctified imagination is the key to unlocking God's "SureFire" presence in their lives.

Leading this effort is Paige Kolb, Ines Fernandez and their team. Paige's roots are in speaking and writing, which has served well in writing and developing the curriculum for SureFire. She is an intercessor who helped launch a children's prayer initiative at Lilburn Alliance Church in 2006. It has exploded into a movement that is discipling children from many nations in the practice of "listening" prayer.

Our Vision

We believe God has planted this reality in the hearts of adults who understand that kids, families, and communities can be transformed through God's work in children. If this is you, we desire to mentor and support you as you usher children into the best adventure of all ... being in God's presence!

We do this by teaching concepts like listening prayer, how to unlock the power of a sanctified imagination, footsteps to God's manifest presence, and providing spiritual tools for kids to have victory within trying circumstances. It's all done on a level that kids understand and unifies families.

What should you expect?

Learning takes place best in a worship-based prayer environment. For this reason, we always include three essential elements.

Five Key Elements to SureFire Prayer:

SureFire is a rarely used adjective that means "certain to be successful." And this is what we want for kids and families!
  1. Each person is led to an ENCOUNTER with Christ, the essence and "meat" of why we gather.
  2. We powerfully minister to each person so they RECEIVE from the Lord, sealing their purpose & destiny in Christ.
  3. We TEACH Kingdom principles so they are permanently established in people's hearts & lifestyle.
  4. We EQUIP each person to reproduce disciples, empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  5. We CAST VISION of the bigger picture of SureFire, the fuel & fire of reviving the local church.