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Why Pray for America?

This is a commitment to pray and fast for the United States for a year beginning July 4th of 2012 and ending July 4th 2013! We now have every day of the week covered with someone fasting for a move of God in America, and some days are 20 people deep! We need you to join in!

God wants to break-forth His light and rebuild the foundations of the Church in America (Is. 58). Now is the time!

We have heard of so many other organizations that are responding to a similar cry from the Holy Spirit. The Southern Baptists are calling for One Cry, rallying the church nationwide to seek God for spiritual awakening and to preach Christ-centered revival sermons during September ( The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has been calling for prayer throughout 2012, saying:

"Today we are surrounded by the effects of forgetting—even forsaking—God, both as a nation and as individuals. The problem is too big for human effort. Our nation has a heart problem, and only God can fix it. Will you join us in prayer as we ask God to heal our land?

We have a promise from the Lord: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land" (2 Chronicles 7:14, NIV).

Please also join us in prayer for the millions of individuals who are at a critical crossroad and don't even know it. Pray that those who don't know Jesus Christ will turn and find forgiveness, hope, and peace in Him. Let's stand together and ask God to pour out His Spirit on our nation in 2012."

We echo that cry. In fact, as an international ministry with campuses throughout the world, we often get asked "Why don't you have more campuses in the U.S.?" The answer is simple...there is not enough desperation for revival. This is why we are compelled to call for a year of fasting and prayer. May the Holy Spirit fill you with prayer for the United States throughout the year ahead!

Click here to listen to Rev. Bill Hyer, Academic Dean of the College of Prayer International and pastor of Lakeside Presbyterian, teach on The Greatest Need in America.

How Should You Pray?

Prayer is both personal and corporate. If you can, gather with others who are committed to praying for the U.S. Schedule weekly or monthly times together. As you take on this committment, the Holy Spirit will direct you in how and what specifically to pray about. For starters, you can pray for:

How Should You Fast?

Fasting is the quickest way to humble ourselves before God and for the Holy Spirit to stir our souls, awaken our churches and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14). Pray about the kind of fast you should undertake. Jesus implied that all of His followers should fast (Matthew 6:16-18; 9:14,15). For Him it was a matter of when believers would fast, not if they would do it. For this prayer initiative, we are asking you to consider fasting for one day during the week. What you fast and how long you fast during that day are between you and the Lord. Download the following resources on fasting:

  Title Author Size Download
  Campus Crusade Fasting Guide Dr. Bill Bright < 1 MB icon
  12 Things I Have Learned About Fasting Dr. Fred Hartley < 1 MB icon
  Fasting Promises From Isaiah Dr. Fred Hartley < 1 MB icon

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