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Armin and BillyThe College of Prayer International was born in 1992 around the vision to mentor Christian pastors and leaders who will reach a lost world through a revived church both inside and outside the walls. The vision for this revival-prayer was born in the heart of Armin Gesswein. He persistently called younger pastors to create an environment where pastors and Christian leaders could meet together periodically to pray, mentor each other and return to their churches to put into practice what they had learned (read "Everything by Prayer," Armin Gesswein's biography by Rev. Fred Hartley, III).

Rev. Fred Hartley took this vision and gave it shape. He crafted the format and initially proposed the title of College of Prayer and our vision statement. Hartley, along with his wife Sherry, selected three other pastors who had gifts to compliment his own which included Rev. Don and Marlen Young, Rev. Paul and Wanda Radford and Rev. Bruce Bliss. These pastors and wives become the first Servant Leadership Team. Armin would say, "We need to get revival into our churches. God wants to manifest His presence. We want to see every local church have an upper-room-encounter with Christ". Just as Jesus spent three years training His disciples to pray, so do we. Just as Jesus built an Upper Room worship-based prayer meeting, so do we. Just as Jesus led His followers in the Upper Room with a fresh encounter with God, so do we.

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